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icon4x SNES and/or NES controllers to USB adapter circuit
Product Description:
With this circuit, you can build a box or cable which can connect up to 4 Nes and/or Snes controllers to a PC. Ideal for playing old games with friends.

No special driver is required. Works out of the box with Win98/ME(DirectX required), Win2K, WinXP, MacOS X, Linux and it should also work with other operating systems supporting USB and HID joysticks. Under Windows, 4 independent joysticks will appear in game controllers.

This is an open source project. Sources and schematics available on the 4 SNES and/or NES controllers to usb project page.

Picture Gallery:


The fully assembled circuit


Wiring diagram


Example project: 2 NES 2 SNES to USB Box


Example wiring

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BRD-4NES4SNES 4nes4snes: Pre-assembled and pre-programmed. Just solder your USB and gamepad wires. 19.99 $
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