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iconAuthentic NES controller converted to Gamecube/Wii
Product Description:
Being able to play good old NES games with your Wii is great (Thanks Nintendo!), but it's much more fun to do so with original NES controllers. Here you can buy refurbished NES controllers (and those are real original Nintendo brand controllers, not cheap clones) converted to Gamecube/Wii using my Nes/Snes Controller to Gamecube/Wii kit.

Button mapping:
Nes Start : Gamecube Start
Nes Select : Gamecube Z
Nes Left,Right,Up,Down : Gamecube Left,Right,Up,Down
Nes B : Gamecube B
Nes A : Gamecube A
NES A+B+Select+left: Gamecube Cstick right
NES A+B+Select+up: Gamecube L+R

Note: The controller cable is approximately 5' long (1.5 meter). Please understand that as thoses are pre-owned controllers, they may have small dents or scratches. However, I test every single controller personally to make sure the dpad and buttons works perfectly.

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JOY-NES-GCWII Orignal NES controller converted to Gc/Wii 39.99 $
Note: Prices are in canadian dollars (CAD) and may change without prior notice.