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iconApple IIc PC transfer cable
Product Description:
This cable allows you to connect your Apple IIc and PC serial ports together. Useful for transferring disk images with Apple Disk Transfer (ADT) or using your apple II as a terminal. Visit my apple IIc page for more information.

I only test and use those cables on Apple IIc computers. However, it would probably work on other Apple II computers (to be confirmed). Connector and cable color may vary.

Picture Gallery:


DB25 to Apple IIc Cable


Apple IIc connection


Transfer in progress using this cable and ADT

Ordering:In stock! Ships within 7 business days (*)
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CBL-DB9-A2 DB9 to Apple IIc Cable 14.99 $
CBL-DB25-A2 DB25 to Apple IIc Cable 14.99 $
Note: Prices are in canadian dollars (CAD) and may change without prior notice.