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iconEasy to solder I2C Temperature sensor
Product Description:
Want to use a temperature sensor with your microcontroller project but soldering directly on the pins is impraticable? This small circuit board can help you. It comes with an MCP9801 temperature sensor already soldered. Just solder your wires to the easy to use solder pads.

  • An MCP9801 I2C Temperature sensor is pre-soldered. Obtain the datasheet from Microchip's MCP9801 page
  • 4 clearly identified pads for soldering wires.
  • Small size: 25.4mm x 7.94mm (1 inch x 5/16 inch).
  • The chip I2C address is hardwired to 0x4F.
  • Compatible with the USBTenki project mcp9800.hex firmware.
  • Has a .1uf bypass capacitor on the back side.
Temperature sensor chip specification:
  • Operating temperature range: -55C to +125C.
  • Typical accuracy: 0.5C.
  • 1C Accuracy from -10C to +85C.
  • 2C Accuracy from +85C to +125C.
  • User Selectable 9- to 12-Bit Resolution.
  • Operating voltage range: +2.7V to +5.5V.
  • Compatible with the very common LM75 temperature sensors. (9-Bit only)
Picture Gallery:


The product as you will receive it.


Cable installation example.


Protecting the circuit with an heat-shrink.

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