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iconGamecube or N64 Controller to USB adapter circuit
Product Description:
Nintendo 64 and Gamecube controllers are excellent controllers which are quite appropriate for many PC games. With this circuit, you can easily modify a controller or build a cable which can connect a Gamecube or Nintendo 64 controller to a PC equipped with an USB port.

Supported controllers:
  • Standard Gamecube controllers (Official and 3rd party)
  • Wireless Gamecube controllers (Known to work with Nintendo's Wavebird and an Intec controller)
  • Gamecube Dance mats (Opposite directions supported)
  • N64 Controllers (Official and 3rd party)
  • Should support all accessories which act as a N64 or GC controller.
Not supported:
  • Gamecube or N64 rumble function
  • N64 Memory cards
System requirements:

The firmware auto-detects which type of controller (Gc or N64) is connected. On the PC side, no custom drivers are needed. It works fine with Windows and Linux built-in drivers, and most likely with MacOS X too. It should also work with other operating systems supporting USB and HID joysticks.

This is an open source project. So if you'd like to build it yourself, all the information you need is on my Gamecube/N64 to USB project page.

User's manual - English versionM_NGC64_PCB_ENG1.pdf

Picture Gallery:


PCB top view


PCB bottom view

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BRD-GCN64-USB gc_n64_usb: Pre-assembled and pre-programmed. Just solder your USB and gamepad wires. 23.32 $
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