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iconIntellivision 1 controller to USB circuit
Product Description:
This circuit makes it possible to convert an original Intellivision 1 controller for use with a computer equiped with an USB port.

  • All 16 directions (+ Idle position) of the disc are functional
  • All "Telephone" style buttons are usable
  • All 4 side buttons are usable (Top left and Top right are equivalents though)
  • No custom drivers required. Device is standard USB Hid (Human Input Device)
Note that the rotating disc and the 12 'telephone' buttons cannot be used at the same time. This is a limitation of the controller, not the adapter.

This project is open source. Please find more technical info and source code on the following page: Intellivision controller to USB adapter project.

Picture Gallery:


The circuit




Conversion example

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BRD-INTELLI-USB Intellivusb: Fully assembled and tested circuit. Just solder your USB and controller wires 19.99 $
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