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iconX2Wii: N64 to Gc/Wii circuit
Product Description:
Being able to play N64 games on the Wii's Virtual Console is great (Thanks Nintendo!), but it's much more fun to do it with the original controllers. (And some games are much more playable like this).

This circuit makes it possible to use a N64 controller on your Wii or Gamecube. No microcontroller programming or surface mount component soldering required. All you need to do is to solder the Gamecube and N64 controller (or extension) wires.

The circuit is small enough to fit inside an heat shrink tubing or pvc pipe. It's even possible to fit the circuit directly inside an original controller!

This project is open-source so if you feel that you may be able to build it yourself, want to understand how it works or wish to alter it's behaviour, visit my X2Wii: Nes, Snes or N64 controller to GC/Wii project page.

N64 to Gc/Wii user's manual - English versionM_N64TOGCW_PCB_ENG1.pdf
Button mapping table for version 1.4n64_mapping_table1.4.pdf

Picture Gallery:


The circuit


N64 to Gamecube/Wii cable example


Ideal for Wii virtual console

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BRD-N64-GCWII N64 controller to Gc/Wii: Fully assembled and tested circuit. Just solder your N64 and GC wires 19.99 $
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