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iconUSBTenki: USB Temperature and humidity sensors
Product Description:
USBTenki is a project to interface a variety of sensors to an USB port for collecting and monitoring weather related data such as temperature and humidity. At the moment, I offer the following pre-built sensors:
  • Temperature only: Uses the MCP9803 chip. Accuracy: 0.5C (typ.) at +25C, 1C (max.) from -10C to +85C, 2C (max.) from -10C to +125C, 3C (max.) from -55C to +125C
  • Temperature and Relative humidity: Uses the SHT75 from Sensirion. Accuracy: 0.3C @ 25C and 1.8% RH
Operating system support: At the moment, USBTenki devices are supported by a command line tool which works on Linux and MacOS X. Since it uses libusb, it can probably be compiled under other OSes supported by libusb. For generating graphics, you can use the munin plugin. The software, including source code, can be downloaded from the host software page.

This is an open-source project. If you'd like to try to build it yourself, all the information you need is on my website: http://www.raphnet.net/electronique/usbtenki/index_en.php

Important: As you may see on the pictures, the temperature + humidity sensor is not enclosed in any kind of protective enclosure. This is to allow more installation flexibility. For instance, if you want to install the sensor outdoor and need to drill through a wall to do so, the hole wont have to be too big.

Picture Gallery:


The Temperature/Relative humidity sensor cable


A closer view of the Temperature/Relative humidity sensor cable


The temperature-only sensor cable


A closer view of the Temperature-only sensor cable

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USBTENKI-T-RH-SHT USB Temperature and Relative humidity sensor based on the SHT75 69.99 $
USBTENKI-T-MCP USB Temperature only sensor based on the MCP9800 29.99 $
Note: Prices are in canadian dollars (CAD) and may change without prior notice.